Sunday, 26 October 2014


MY DAY OFF - the first day without cal since i got here - it was great to just sleep in, get and up wander off to a flea market down on the canal (having finally got my bearings) and meet rene for lunch in the sun.   It was interrupted just as his food arrived on the table by a frantic phone call from sayaka, apparently one of the neighbours had seen the shop door ajar, it had obviously not been locked the night before or someone had broken in.   rene took off on the skateboard to check and all was well, what a relief.  it was lovely to spend time with rene - it's been way too long.
I spent the afternoon just strolling along the huge shopping arcade, watching everyone, taking in the mad signage, a beer at the end of the day.   nice.

this was at a flea market that ran along the canal, i got a few bargains there before meeting rene  for lunch
finding a quiet spot in a busy place

after lunch i strolled up to shinsaibashi - a huge shopping arcade, just a sea of people
this creepy guy in a halloween mask was somehow very threatening.  the group of girls was trying to photograph him, much conversation going on, trying to be inconspicuous,  yeah right

 the daimaru building is 
spectacular. art deco mixed
with moorish, just a superb
example of beautiful 
architecture.   I must go 
back and get some decent
look at these power lines - at least they're all bundled into  groups
and housed in yellow casings, but the power lines in asia always
amaze me

little cal in his ladybird suit - dressed for early halloween, there were a lot of people in the
streets this afternoon obviously going to halloween parties

in the park where we take cal to play, these guys do amazing tricks with
the soccer ball for absolutely ages, they're so talented - my pic gives no

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