Friday, 17 October 2014


i made sure i had the camera today.  a nice sleep-in then on the train with sayaka to look after cal while she went to panasonic bike factory to meet some of the suppliers to the store.
I can't imagine making my way around the stations on my own, they're so big, different lines - red, blue, purple etc  -  and everything written in kanji,  i'm happy to trail along behind sayaka.

cal was just great all day, i walked with him in the sling for a couple of hours, it was tiring but the main thing was staying in the shade.  at the end of sayaka's meeting (tour of the place)  i had a look at their exhibition of vintage bikes,  just great.

then home to crash with a gin and tonic ( i bought tanqueray for $14 a bottle, what are we paying in import duty in oz??)   and superb sashimi sayaka prepared.

loved the 
name on this
coffee, rene sang me
the tv ad jingle,

blendy stick
blendy stick


only in japan
           not a successful photo, but it's showing the rather cute and very un-australian custome for
           japanese boyfriends to carry their girlfriend's handbag.  this brown handbag had a cute bow
           trim and japanese girls' bags are very very girlie,   it's cute to see

pretty flowers growing on the side of the road, on my walk with cal

it took three short train
trips to get to the
panasonic bike factory
and i can't remember
the name of the place,
it's an older part of
town with small
residential houses,
mostly nothing like
these, much plainer

some magnificent
persimmon trees and quite
a few of these traditional
there was a river nearby, very rubbishy on the banks but some cormorants
and this lovely heron

japanese nudge parking,  memories of the NGV car park for you AL

it's been a long day

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