Wednesday, 15 October 2014


IT'S WEDNESDAY MORNING  and i'm in osaka, awake after a big sleep.  it's amazing how tiring it can be sitting in one spot.   thank god the flight was on when i got to the airport, jetstar's handled the whole thing really really badly and the novotel was full of a lot of very unhappy people. 
I met a whole sports team of young girls who'd gone over for competitions,  they'd lost three days, partly engine malfunction and partly cyclone.  
Anyway, i'm here at rene's, arrived late and had very late dinner, we were all at the cafe at about 11.30, cal was still firing at 1 o'clock.

we ate in this 

cafe - you choose
from the photo
then put the 
money in the slot.
order goes to the
kitchen and 10
minutes later,
voila! you're fed

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