Sunday, 5 October 2014


YES, I'M ASHAMED TO SAY i found my camera after three days of racking my brains, backtracking, wondering where the hell i could have left it and thinking it had to be here somewhere.
yes, i found it in an embarrassing place as i had dreaded i would.    in the wheelbarrow, outside parked under the huge rubber tree, cunningly camouflaged by all the black plant pots, spades etc.   my poor little canon - it's fine after its adventure in the great outdoors, thanks to fine weather, no frost, no rain and plenty of shade.  deary deary me!

well, it's lucky i did because i got these great shots of the resident willy wagtail, who found a partner this year and they've set up house in the garden about 10m from the house.  very territorial, these little fellas, i've seen him attack kookaburras, magpies, the shingleback lizard - he's always on guard

the nest
is a perfect teacup
shape finished in beautifully
wound layers of spiderweb.
it's such a perfect thing,
and today is the first day
i've seen little willomena
sitting on it.

i love my zoom lens :0)

this is the first time i've seen a willy wagtail
 sit still for more than 10 seconds

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