Saturday, 25 October 2014


LOTS OF WALKING today - with cal.  right up to Shinsaibashi shopping arcade, an absolute sea of people walking in both directions, shops for blocks and blocks and blocks. it was just a reconnoitre for tomorrow - i'm having a day off, just walking by myself with the camera and meeting rene for lunch on the canal, in the sun hopefully

yesterday in Dotonbori - the street where sunny and i stayed
on our trip a couple of years ago.   it's full of the craziest, hugest
signage, and a sea of people

sayaka's dad takeshi, helping out in the new shop yesterday with tila

swapping cards in gira gira yesterday with an artist who does a lot of interesting graphic design

CAL -  watching his kinder songs on the iPhone

crazy signs in 
dotonbori today -
it's a place just
buzzing with
activity, even
more so at
night time.

don't ask me what this is

a favorite sign

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  1. Anne, thank you! I love these photos! The first photo made me laugh most.
    Cheers, Sadami


thanks for all comments - great to get feedback