Tuesday, 28 October 2014


WHENEVER I'M AWAY my thoughts turn to my ultra soft luxury mattress at home when the trip is coming to an end.  I'm thinking about it now :0)  3 sleepnights and one on the plane and i'll be home - i think i'll sleep for a week - to paraphrase the great bette davis - granny-ing ain't for cissies :0)

meeting another friend of GIRA GIRA -  he's a young photographer who seemed quite shy until the camera came out :0)  i didn't even notice him posing like this until i saw the shot.  it's virtually impossible to photograph anyone here without them doing the two finger thing - even the group of women in their lovely traditional kimonos the other day.  i had to wait till they walked away to get a good shot

the complete bug - cal in his ladybird suit sitting on his red cherry seat.  the little shoes are from an op shop in melbourne, a gift from baaba

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