Wednesday, 8 October 2014


GETTING READY TO GO - today is packing packing packing   -  packing up artwork to go to Mario's exhibition next month,  packing artwork for our Tussock show at pt.lonsdale, my bag for japan :0)  -   the house is clean thanks to val the cleaning lady, and i'm heading off to a friend's tonight so i can get the early bus to Melbourne from Mildura.
Looking forward to the eclipse of the moon tonight, I'm having dinner at donnie's. from there we'll get a good view, just outside Mildura on flat land looking out over vineyards.
My book is finished and also ready to be packed up, i'll have boxes, bags and packages everywhere by the end of the day.

i'm very happy
with this book -
and i've really
enjoyed the process
of using monoprint
as my base art -
the watercolour
wash can be really
loose - fun to do


  1. Hi, Anne, wonderful work!! Best wishes, Sadami

  2. Beautiful Anne! Can't wait to see the book.


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