Sunday, 19 October 2014


AS USUAL i wake up early - rene, sayaka and cal do not, so i have a quiet time to read and blog.  Yesterday i spent the whole day with cal mostly on my own. he's great one on one, we went to the park in the evening, in the morning i tried to navigate my way to the great supermarket and failed, i'm completely flummoxed here as far as a sense of direction is concerned.  not to mention visually bombarded by the masses of signage in kanji.  AND the fact that streets don't have names isn't a help.

walking around with cal in the pusher is easy, i'll do more of it and eventually i'll find my way around.

love this photo of cal at the park, sayaka took it in semi darkness

there's an area here
where there are a
lot of 'love' hotels,
figure it out for
yourself :0)   

this one's for you sunny :0)

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