Thursday, 2 October 2014


FROM THE BUS -  the driver (better let him remain nameless 
on the net) has started pointing out things for me to photograph :0) 
and he slowed down specially on the Buronga bridge so i could get 
a good shot of the Murray 

The vineyards are looking wonderful, thick new green foliage 

Ruth le Cheminant is in 
residence at the Art Vault
and last night she drove
me back to Wenty, we
had a drink on the 
riverbank as the sun went
down then went down to
the Royal for dinner, we
sat in the 'Sheepshitters Room'
- took me two years to
realise that's a take on
bullshitters.  Of course in 
polite society it's called
the Hessian Room :0)

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