Friday, 24 October 2014


SAYAKA SENT  me a stack of the photos she's been taking so here i am in osaka, mostly at the market.  I'm exhausted.   Looking after a little every day is one big job, on alert the whole time, lots of lifting, but mostly sitting or walking. amazing how tiring it can be. i'll have a day off today or tomorrow, i need a day of out and about walking by myself.  and a date night with my son :0)
on my birthday, sayaka and ren gave me a bagful of goodies,
including two fabric flowers that clip on. i wore them as koala
 ears and cal approved.  nb  super the cat has snaffled the bag

first day going to
the market in a
cab with sayaka

I was very tempted to buy this kimono but do i need it?  i think not

behind me, old porcelain, books, leather wallets etc.  all kinds of interesting stuff
second day at the market, ren came too. the weather, being cooler and drizzly, meant lighter crowds and not so many stalls but the atmosphere was so lovely we had a really nice time.

               after the market we visited a humungous shopping centre, really a whole lot of
           multi- level shopping complexes joined by banks of escalators and overhead walkways.
                            here we're at an exhibition of beautiful hand-made ceramics

    cal's an asahi man :0)

at rene's current
shop, the new one
is a minute around
the corner, coming
along nicely 
although both rene
and sayaka look
really tired. they
both need a holiday
- more than the
baby-sitting relief
i can provide

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