Friday, 12 December 2014


LAST NIGHT - the babies are filling the nest, pelicans are returning in numbers, i made myself a new cocktail, a murray/sunset :0)
campers and grand marnier

TODAY, WARM SUNNY DAYS - lovely weather really.  I rode down the island and walked to the end for a bit of drawing.  Brekky at artback with steve, anne and peter and an afternoon of printing - a beginning on my book, unsuccessful but it's good to begin.

On the island - I cant believe the council has allowed some idiot family to erect this large memorial to their WW1 relative right in front of a beautiful wide sweep of river, at eye level.  Haven't they heard of a cemetery??  

anne hederics and peter lamb at artback

The birdlets are growing amazingly, getting a bit of fluff - i hope none of the predators find them, there are so many out there.  I saw the two willie parents chasing off a crow that was flying over the house, they're fearless

the fierce little
willie wagtail
eyebrows are

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