Friday, 19 December 2014


LAST NIGHT  i got home and went to photograph the babies - they're gone!  empty nest.  i didn't even get to see the second two climb out or have a little fly.  I felt bereft and sad


AH, A DAY AT HOME with nothing to do but tidy up the house and yard and get ready for friends coming tomorrow night for a girlie bbq and sleepover. It's going to be 32 so the evening should be perfect for sitting out on the riverbank. i've bought bamboo torches, a hibachi barbie and citronella candles to keep the mozzies at bay and i have chicken, hamburgers and sausage compliments of the meat tray i won at the pub last week :0)

Yesterday was the annual ladies xmas lunch organised by donnie and margot,  ros came along and i realise how many people i've got to know in the past couple of years. first time i came to the lunch i knew no one and spent the lunch trying to commit at least four or five women's faces and names to memory.   now i just know them through being here.  great food     at 27 deakin.

julie (art vault director) helen healy,  coming to barbie tomorrow night, ros on the right talking to stefano's lovely wife donata

                     Where's donnie?  i think i've missed her - i held the camera up high
                                          and just clicked - without my glasses on :0|

on the way home i went down and investigated the merbein common as a possible birdspotting place to take martin - it's like a giant scramble track - obviously the place for local boys to thrash their cars, preferable when it's been raining,  a very tricky bumpy hill bit of grassless land.  Once i was in there i wondered if i'd get out again


two babies out in the big bad world

hopefully i'll spot the third one soon,  the parents are still buzzing around very close and protective

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