Friday, 3 January 2014


a great night on the riverbank at julie and kev's.  kevin resplendent in his xmas apron (yes, i have permission to include this pic) and julie providing her famous xmas pavlova volcano.   it was a beautiful warm still night, fabulous sky.    we spent half the evening out on the lawn in the dark watching an owl in the huge redgum.     julie kindly let me stay in the empty apartment at the art vault, with ros staying in the other one. we sat up till midnight and watched the fireworks through the boardroom window.

 black swans 
photographed off
julie and kev's
at the bottom
of the garden

my amazing wildlife photograph of the owl, i think it would be a southern boobook owl but we really couldn't see clearly in the night light.  

the tiny bird on the right is made by sunny's old school friend jillie, a beautiful little sculpture about 2cm high.  he's living with friends on my dressing table - a little silver man from istanbul with hinged head, arms and legs,  a penguin i found here at home (if it's yours let me know) a funny little bear playing a guitar on a barrel, an op shop find and part of a trio of little dolls, and the ballerina in the music box i always wanted as a child and finally found in an op shop.

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