Thursday, 16 January 2014


I'M STILL ALIVE   after yesterday's searing heat and actually managed 9 hours sleep,  evaporative cooler on, ceiling fan and personal fan all on in the bedroom.   had to supplement the evap. cooler with the expensive aircon for a couple of hours when i got home - how do the animals and birds manage?  we're just lucky there's no filthy wind to whip up a dust storm or fires.

YESTERDAY i held a workshop
at Mildura Arts Centre.  it ran
in collaboration with the Vasillief
exhibition so because he says he
considered blue, red and yellow to
be the only colours (green is just
yellowish-blue etc)   we all painted
'where i live' using the primary
colours and mixing everything
else.  i painted the kids a colour
wheel and off they went.

Danila Vasillief spent quite some
time up in mildura and taught
at local schools

little nicola beginning her gorgeous row of stars

love the pattern of the bricks in the house and pebble on the path

beautiful blending of colours across the river 

lovely leaves

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