Sunday, 19 January 2014


it's delightfully cool and breezy

this morning after the temperature finally 
dropped last night. i've
had a great two days 
printing and have seen 
lots of movies. today 
being cooler i'm going
to finish the bathroom 
and get the sparkie 
round to put up the 
light, and that'sit. i've 
called costa the tiler 
to come and quote me 
on the second bathroom.
the first bathroom has 
come in 1500 bucks under budget which is a 
surprise.that pays for 
the $1590 plumbers bill 
to fix all the buggared 
up pipes under


  1. Great pics Anne! I love the one filtered through your sheer curtain.

  2. morning taffy, the sunrises have been spectacular, i simply cant capture them on the camera as they look in reality. with the fires, the colours are amazing. the last pic is actually from outside - it's the reflection of the lock in the glass door. xxoo avagoodun :0)


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