Monday, 6 January 2014


ANOTHER PRODUCTIVE DAY    I framed eight pictures, some to sell and some for home. i'm sorting out work to do another wall.  blitzed the print studio with a mortein bomb - there are redbacks everywhere and the daddy long legs webs are driving me crazy.
cobwebbed the house,  did some illustration work,  completely sorted out the tool shelves and all my gardening things.    nails, screws,  hose attachments etc  all sorted and organised.


things are growing nicely, i've got parsley, oregano and basil, a tomato plant with one tomato, and the lemons are looking really good so far.

delighted to discover today that i have a clivea

there are three pomegranates, i'm going to start looking after them, took me ages to find them.   i knew i had one but now they're flowering i've found two more.

 there's a lot of purple in the garden right now, some late wisteria has come out for some reason.\

i'm thrilled to see that the persimmon isn't dead after all.  it got completely fried when i was away in november but the little trooper is coming to life again

look gail!   my moon flower is really taking off :0)

hmmm   how to hang it all
i found this print in my plan drawers, it's from years ago but i like it

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