Tuesday, 21 January 2014


 FRAN ARRIVED last night  and made me drink wine  :0\   i'm feeling a little slow this morning.  So far this month i've been dry -  one wine with ros on the day she left to go back to melbourne and a light beer after a big day of painting the bathroom and that's been it for january.  it's amazing how much i've got done this month after coming back recharged from xmas and how much later i stay up without a couple of wines or three in the evening.
the bathroom's done now and looking good.  costa the tiler came yesterday to give me a quote on the second bathroom, i don't think it'll be the hassle the other one was,  it's just tiles to the ceiling and installing a basin, mirror and lights, all plumbing in its existing location.  of all the tradies working on the first bathroom costa was the nicest,  good to have around and reliable. and polite - nice.
i'm mounting work for my show here in march and when fran heads off to melbourne in a few days i'll be starting work on my new project - 'swan lake'.     eeeee, i'm kind of thrilled and scared at the thought of this work, what will it turn out to be?   

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