Tuesday, 28 January 2014


39 DEG yesterday and i printed for two hours from 2-4pm   it was really hot and sweat was dripping off my eyebrows onto the inside of my glasses lens but i printed 9 etchings and it was ok.  i think a return to the trendsetting towelling sweatbands of the late 70's is the go.
niece claire and her husband mal visited in the morning, lovely to have them here. and late afternoon peter lancaster and eliza (they're here working at the art vault) came out for dinner.  casual - bought chook and salads and icecream and fruit,  easy.   we spent a lot of time outside as the sun went down, a lovely evening
these lovely little kayaks glided by this morning, they look like river dwelling backpackers to me.     i love the little sails on their boats

to head out to the print studio
and have everthing set up and
read to go.  in the warm weather
i'll print in the mornings.
this year will be a time of figuring
out how to structure my days
i think.


above  -  'Catwoman'
right  -  ?  any suggestions?

the lovely eliza on the
riverbank at sunset

right - peter hiding in
the shadows

something strange
has happened to this
photo in the transferring
over from iPhoto. i
can't get it to reproduce
in it's original form.
anyway, you get the
idea - sunset on the
murray with a glass
of red

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