Friday, 17 January 2014


I DROVE OUT along the racecourse road to watch the moon rise but the sneaky buggar had come up without me, 8 o'clock.   it was still light and the moon was a beautiful pale pink in a lavender sky.

i did my second workshop today but i forgot to take the camera.  it was a good workshop, the kids managed to mix so many great colours out of the limited yellow, red and blue we had.  strong royal blue, mailbox red ad bright yellow, not easy to mix but the kids got some great results. hopefully i'll
get photos from the arts centre tomorrow.

it was a dramatic
setting in the
theatre on the
stage -

these pics were
taken on my

i stayed cool for the afternoon at the deakin cinema again, this time Jack Ryan (yawn) and Saving Mr Banks, about the author of mary poppins.  i thought it was delightful, truly entertaining in a disney kind of way.   

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