Saturday, 18 January 2014


A GOOD DAY OF PRINTING,  a wander around the corner to a great little shop to buy a large colourful mat for the back porch, lots of sitting a chatting to everyone, a sit by the river to do the crossword afterwards then off to see Saving Mr. Banks again (something about that film touched a chord in me) and now happy to be home with a bagful of bright summer aussie clothes for cal.   i enjoyed today.
at the same time the radio was always going in the background with news of the fires. it's been a relief to hear that the weather hasn't been too bad and fires haven't progressed much.  it sounds like grampians people will be able to go home later tomorrow, helen and don will be relieved. 

donnie dropped in
to the art vault
with eggs for julie.
just look at the
size of this one.
judging by the
ridges that run
around it and we
all reckon it's
a triple yoker

this gorgeous print is by geoffrey riccardo.    i want him, i wonder if he'd consider a swap :0)

robert watson

       sonja hodge in her studio working on a lithographic stone

me reflected in a large nic plowman.  the perspex has distorted
me into the size i'd like to be

on the way home, some nice neon in dareton, the xmas tree on top of the water tower is lovely - i never noticed it till tonight 

directly across the road from the xmas tree, a gold neon cross

driving home after the movie

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