Wednesday, 15 January 2014


BOY, last night was warrrrm,   temperature in the back porch (cooler doesn't reach out there) is 30 deg now at 7.45a.m.
i just sat yesterday afternoon, watching movies and knitting a jacket for cal. drinking copious amounts of lime and soda and mineral water.   and not a good night's sleep.  we'll all be buggared by the weekend, when temperature drops to 36, but at least the nights will be around 21.
luckily today and tomorrow i'm in at the arts centre doing workshops, and i'll go to a movie afterwards each day.    poor garden, it's ok so far but this weather
will cook some things for sure.

at 7.15 this morning

this is 
it feels 
my next door neighbour gavin getting in some early fishing

 heading for the lagoon

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