Saturday, 5 January 2013


STARTING TODAY it's going to be in the 40's for over a week - it's a relief to see it's happening over the lower half of australia as well. so far the evaporative cooler seems
to be keeping the house at a liveable temperature

i've been sorting out the studio getting ready to do work for my exhibition which opens at the Art Vault after easter.

i love these
hands, bought
in collingwood
at a second-
hand model warehouse - 
i have no plans
for them, just
like to have 
them hanging

off to the pool in the morning, the bike's the perfect way to get around wentworth

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  1. Hi Anne, I do like reading your blog. We've been thinking of you in the heat and are glad to hear that the cooler is working well enough to keep you cool[ish?]
    Your journey with water is very entertaining for us - but not for you I guess. It is hard enough to keep plants alive here in Melbourne where we have water on tap - your situation seems so much more difficult. I cannot imagine that you will give up though!
    Yvonne and I enjoyed our few days in Midura a couple of years ago and you have reminded us of our visit to Wentworth and the wetlands area - your photos are wonderful.
    Best Regards
    Malcolm and Yvonne


thanks for all comments - great to get feedback