Wednesday, 16 January 2013


well, there you are . . . brendan and local pump man terry (who's worked on this pump for years) got their heads together and basically the pump's stuffed - fused whatever that means     so i have to follow up on insurance and getting a new one

SIGH . . .

water issues aside it's been a nice couple of days


donnie invited ros, ex (visiting artists at
the art vault) and julie and i over for dinner.  her home is a beautiful rambling 1920's house on a large block of huge shady old trees, an orchard heavy with nectarines and plums and who know what else, and surrounded by the lush green of grapevines on three sides.

this gorgeous chinese (or japanese) embroidery is about 5 feet long,
hanging on the wall, truly superb

the girls - ex, donnie, julie and ros  -  and buddy the wonder dog
check out ros and ex's work

rosalind atkins  -
eX de Medici     - (when page opens click on one of the points of the compass to see her work)

luminous sunset from donnie's back yard, it just got brighter and brighter and looked great over the top of the vineyards

YESTERDAY, tuesday a did a bunning's run and had lunch in mildura with ex, donnie and ros.  it's
lovely sitting under the grapevines outside stefano's cafe & bakery.

THIS MORNING i was feeling really flat - but i realise it's the feeling i always get when i'm trying to figure out new work. with my exhibition opening on april 3 and a lot of time before then taken up with being in china i don't have a lot of time.

i headed off to the lagoon on the bike - took the long way round so i was out for two hours, drawing, photographing and just listening and watching the birds and fish, such a beautiful place to be - i came back recharged and will work all afternoon, figuring out some bird images to make into etchings.  riding and sitting by the river really helps with ideas.

rough pen and ink impressions of the riverbank 

     DAAA  DA        DAAA DA
(  theme from jaws?  :o\  )

these funny old carp were sludging around in the shallows at my feet, i tried to get one with it's head out of the water but this was the best i could do - i could hear them flipping right out of the water nearby but couldn't see one

strange reflection - looks like a hand shadow puppet of a dog

A RAINBOW BEE EATER  - terrible photo but i was thrilled to see one at the lagoon this morning - it was a very long way away so hard to photograph

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