Thursday, 24 January 2013


i just got home after seeing a movie at the end of the day - started going out the back door to see if the new pump had been installed and in the dark saw something on the wall near the door.

it was the WORLD'S BIGGEST SPIDER!! i'm not kidding, it was
huuuuuge - bigger than my hand when i stretch my fingers out,  at least 7" or 8" across.
god, i 'm glad i didn't touch it  -   eeeeuuuuuuw
i managed to shoosh him out the door after coming back in armed with a glass saucepan lid, a bed sheet,  a sheet of white card, all the tools indiana jones would have had on hand. 
but after opening the wire door and waving the card at him he hightailed it out and under the house to plan his next foray into my life.  

and the pump is installed.  i'll check it out tomorrow, i'm bushed after another full day
of printing.

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