Thursday, 24 January 2013


honeyeater -  from my kitchen window

it's going to be damn hot today, 42 i think, but i'll be hiding out in the print room at the art vault again - my prints aren't going too well, i'm having trouble with aquatinting, but hopefully by the end of the day i'll have two or three worth editioning,  :0\

my new pump should be intalled when i get home, 
fingers crossed it all goes well.


LAST NIGHT the music festival came to the wentworth town hall, a cute little art deco building with wonderful acoustics.

Luca magni on flute and simone valeri on harpsichord  - an interesting and diverse  selection of music and a wonderful flute solo - i think it was the music from 'afternoon of the faun' that nijinsky danced (debussi?) - i could be wrong but it was very atmospheric

Lock 10 as i drove past on my way home from the town hall, it looks fabulous on a still night,  just hard
to get in amongst the trees on the river bank to get a decent shot.

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