Thursday, 3 January 2013


Sunny, Rene and Sayaka left yesterday, it's been wonderful having them here.  rene spent the morning doing more jobs for me, putting up towel rails, hooks behind doors etc. then we all had a big traditional brekky of pancakes and maple syrup plus some beautiful locally made jams, ice cream too to complete the debauchery.  i used to make pancakes a lot when the kids were little so it was a touch of nostalgia.

wah! getting ready 
to flip  with my
very heavy pan -
more work with
weights warranted
here  :0\

yay!!  up,

up and away


so in the afternoon it was a sad goodbye,  i wish they could've stayed all week, but with only a couple of weeks in australia rene and sayaka have so many people to see and they need some holiday rest too, so BOO HOO  :0(  but it was just wonderful

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