Saturday, 26 January 2013


 AUSTRALIA  DAY   -    lots of flags and a big brekky for everyone down at lock 10.  I didn't go, donnie and peter byrne showed me their second house down at wangumma, about 40 minutes from here on lock 8.
The drive there is a lot like the road to darwin, bright pink sand and blue grey bushes, almost no trees, some dead tree skeletons.
we stayed most of the day - lots of great wetland spots around there, all kinds of birds and wonderful landscape with some monster redgums   - a good day with good company :0)

 a swallow on the roof of the lovely old brick home, classic australian style with a wide verandah all round, set at the edge of the billabong which looks just like a large section
of the river.

found old metal tools and objects from the property - a whole brick wall of them
crazy native hens, these birds are very funny and run along in groups with their tails up

great egret

we drove over to lake victoria, a spectacular sight,  stark dead
trees for as far as you can see

i sat and drew the billabong while pelicans, coots and ducks swam by

at lock 8, hundreds of cormorants surfing and diving for fish in the churning water, then drying themselves on the rocks.

 TONIGHT - a beautiful big moon, almost full - the crazies will be out tomorrow night
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  1. It was our pleasure Anne, we thoroughly enjoyed your company! D&Px


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