Monday, 7 January 2013


ANOTHER HOTTIE and the pump lost pressure again last night, checked the sprinklers set on automatic and there was only a trickle at 11 p.m.   everything's crispy dry and there are hoses all over the place. i'm re watering again in the morning and it's a bloody pain.  43 deg forecast today  

However before that happened the yesterday was good, another very early start and a ride up to the lagoon, mornings are gorgeous, cool and breezy.

portrait drawing workshop at the art vault in the
morning, warming up with an exercise in charcoal
then into the portraits, the kids are great.

aysha behind the old bank vault door

sister Layla and her great self portrait

the kids in front of one of the graffiti walls at the art vault

printing in the afternoon, a new bathers print - it's nice to just spend time editioning, specially in
the air conditioned print work

'japonaise' etching with chine colle

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