Thursday, 3 January 2013

TODAY - first real day of 2013

I thought i might slip into feeling miserable with the kids gone and the new year looming large, not to mention a series of days in the low '40's.  but it's been great so far and i have the whole afternoon ahead of me

early morning watering,
then a bike ride to the
lagoon at sunrise to 
see what was there -
p-u-llenty!  birds every
where in the golden
early light.

willy wagtail enjoying 
the hose outside
 the house

spoonbills - i really wanted sayaka to see them but we didn't make it up to the lagoon


thegoa lagoon - i rode
 down on my reconditioned bike, it was teeming with egrets, spoonbills and pelicans as the sun came up over the trees,  my camera battery died after about 20 minutes but no matter - i'll be making it a regular early morning expedition, it's only 10 minutes ride

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