Monday, 14 January 2013


last saturday -

Brendan's been, checked out the pump, double taped every possible spot where air could be leaking and left, now the system's on - watering away happily while i keep an eye on it through two full cycles, hooley dooley - wait for tomorrow's gripping episode. 

vicki and i got up early and went down to the lagoon around 7 a.m. we drove along the entire length of the shore - it's quite long and i found a lot of interesting little spots that i'll revisit with my camera and sketchbook.

 a girl should never venture into the wilderness without an insulated cup of harris mocha blend plunger coffee

spongy cracked mud
along the edge
of the lagoon, feels
really good to
walk on

found this bird
hide about half way
along the lagoon, it's
so much bigger than
i imagined

so many pelicans -  i love those reflections

and the bark on 
these trees is just

VICKI and i called into the cemetery on the way back from the lagoon  -  this very sad little grave was for a child about 4 or 5 years old,  so humble and

no angels or madonnas in this cemetery for my
collection -  
a butcher bird on the fence back home

sinking slowly in the west here having said goodbye and safe trip to young vicki.   a gin and tonic, a dvd and my new sketchbook - time to think about my show in april, what will be in it?  it's not so hot - 42 deg yesterday - today it's breezy and coolish, really nice.

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