Thursday, 17 January 2013


43 today - a good day to hole up in the house and just work, i started on four etching plates, images
of birds for the exhibition.  and ros called in to see the house and have a visit.  she's heading back
tomorrow.  it's nice to have friends from melbourne coming up to spend time at the art vault.

my garden visitors 
today - the two blue tongues
were happy in the heat

 it's distressing to see the birds in this heat - their beaks wide open looking absolutely parched despite the birdbaths. there are two little swallows that sit above the kitchen window - they looked so thirsty i climbed up and put a bowl of water on the top of the window,   i don't know if they used it or not.
yesterday i started to rearrange the main room and now i'm going to work in here, it looks onto the 
river on two sides and the light is gorgeous.  i've been working in here today and it feels just right.

is the only way i can describe the sun going down tonight.  i only saw it when it was really low, so racing in to get the camera and back out again i only got a few shots. the sun was actually magenta, i don't know what was in the air, maybe a fire somewhere far away, but it was incredible.

a little earlier,
i went to change the
hoses over and
when i came back -


  1. I may be mistaken, but I think that birds with open beaks are just thermoregulating... they're not necessarily thirsty but they pant to keep cool as they don't sweat. They have a higher core temperature than humans so you only see this behaviour in very hot weather.

  2. thanks beamsteria, if you're right you've put my mind at rest - and i was thinking, these birds can't be so thick they won't drink water when it's in front of them. i should be giving them more credit

    x thanks wise one


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