Saturday, 12 January 2013


THE PUMP was taken away to be looked at by the distributor of that brand of pump - brendan texted to say it was basically RS inside (his description) and they replaced and repaired a whole lot of things.
i arrived home last night to find it back and installed ($500 worth of work) and turned it on to find no water at all coming out of the tap!  

awaiting brendans reply to my text -  ch-rrr-ist all bloody mighty!!   what next!

the day wasn't all bad though.  vicki arrived from her kangaroo island  scuba diving trip on thursday night and in the morning we drove down to the lagoon - it was a bit too late, about 8 a.m. and there weren't many birds around and the light was getting brighter, but the trees were looking pretty good, i gathered a few pics for my file of river photos - i'm going to start drawing for my exhibition in april.

it's interesting to see the definite line on the trees where the water has risen is the past.


this little fellow appeared
at the bird bath yesterday, 
i think it's a young tree-
creeper, i'll look him up
in the bird book

below - 
adult brown
next to the

 native hens
take off as vicki and
i wander down to
the river with
our cameras - they
are just like a dark
little bantam and
hurry up and down
the river bank
in flocks
KOOKAS  -  there were eight here on the line outside the house earlier,  and four large kangaroos in the frontyard - i hope they continue to be happy eating the grass, and leave my young trees alone

vicki and i popped in to artback for cake and coffee in the morning, then in to the art vault to say hi to ros atkins who's just arrived for a residency. her exhibition is
on until January 28. beautiful wood engravings and drawings.

we continued on to lunch at trentham winery and went to see Hitchcock at the cinema in the afternoon.  good film.

on the way home we came along the back road - the old wentworth road - past this cemetery which i've been wanting to visit for ages - we went in for a stroll around despite the heat - it was over 40 again today.   i was disappointed to find not one angel or madonna to add to my collection, i've driven past so often and it looked so promising.  lots more old cemeteries around here to explore though

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