Saturday, 19 January 2013


WOW i can't believe what a difference it's made moving my workspace into the
 large living area,  the whole house feels different - it all makes sense. today i rode the bike into town to get some essentials, called in for a coffee at artback (where i caught up on the important news - the best and worst of what everyone was wearing at the golden globes ;-)   
  Then home to etch a plate - an image of a whistling kite, the small eagle that circles the sky everywhere you go up here - then i fixed the broken screen on the front door, hung up three new bamboo blinds,  screwed the house numbers onto the fence, then topped off the day by having a couple of wines out on the river bank with anne hederics (who runs artback with husband steve)    and now i'm just working on a new etching. it's the fifth i've done since yesterday at the new desk in the big room overlooking the river.
no doubt the drop in temperature and beautiful cool breezes have helped no end.

anne and me out the front of the house -  lovely to sit looking up towards the lock sparkling in the sun

last night - not as good as the night before but gorgeous all the same

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  1. I can ABSOLUTELY see why changing your workspace works!! And what about that magenta sun?!
    I spent 2 hours this glorious morning, on the lawns of Glenelg foreshore knitting and crocheting with a group of others for a community yarn-bombing project- covering this large metal serpentine sculpture (also on the foreshore) with a recycled yarn creation stitched and stretched over it. Goin' to look fab! x


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