Wednesday, 2 January 2013


UP EARLY as usual, raking and gathering up the masses of bark all over the
river bank. i guess it'll be falling for a while.  the darter was sitting down on the fallen logs, also a couple of swallows, they're nesting in the garage.         

i think  that darter will have to become an etching

the others get up later -
around 9 and 10, work to be done before our day
begins together.  rene 
on the laptop in front of my
portrait of him from about
twenty years ago

my darling son - working on my rusty maltreated old apollo bike.  he scrubbed off all the rust and went over it all so now it's rideable and looking almost as good as peewee hermans' red rocket.   sunny below - working on my new hammer drill, we earned ourselves a big dinner at the pub, yabby chowder, steaks, a bottle of trentham wine.


SUNCREAM MALFUNCTION  ren's application skills
have lapsed during his time in japan, a slight
miscalculation :0)

WE headed into mildura after late lunch to see Life of Pi.  two hours to kill so we
went down and lay on the river bank in the breeze, it's been a hot day so the cool grass had us all dozing  -  these lovebird corellas kept me amused in the trees overhead.



LIFE OF PI  a great film to look at - i enjoyed it but not as much as i'd hoped. i love ang li's films and this was a triumph of technology, the digitally created tiger was pretty amazing, but still lacked the incredible grace of the real thing, tigers are such magnificent animals.  i loved the book, more than the film but it's worth seeing. beautifully photographed.

  THE drive home - the best time of night, those fantastic clearcut silhouettes on the seventeenth street route to wentworth

HOME is looking pretty good too, we arrived just too late to have gin and tonics at sunset so we had to make do with a late game of scrabble and finger food for tea, today was just lovely, hanging out with the kids.  

they leave tomorrow - too soon 

whoops - lettuce malfunction!

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