Tuesday, 1 January 2013


HAPPY NEW YEAR!  What a beautiful night it was here, after a 35 deg day the evening was clear, still and filled with stars.

new year's evening on the river bank at gol gol was the perfect place to be, at a huge
sit down dinner at julie and kev's - masses of food and about 20 lovely people, the 
kids all in the pool having a ball and us all enjoying the company and the wonderful

the river from julie and kev's houseboat

out of the pool and into the food - and boy, was there plenty of it.
(there's rene peeping over the back)

best salad
 of the night:

ruth's nectarine and cucumber salad with mint, white wine vinegar, a bit of chilli and i'm not sure what else, she found it on the net  -  it's worth looking for

GORGEOUS GIRLS in their fabulous frocks

you can see what kind of night it was - the sky says it all,  clear and still and beautiful


EARLIER IN THE DAY -  a day of op shopping and 'bunnings-ing'  then lunch at stefano's brewery - lots of great local beers to try, my favorite - desert lager.


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