Monday, 28 January 2013


 D DAY  terry the pump guy and brendan the water system guy are getting together here today to try and figure out why the pump's losing pressure -  i'm so over it.   i can't imagine they'll figure it out, i've completely lost confidence - if there's a leak in the system somewhere i can't imagine how they'll ever find it, there's so much plumbing running under so much land, and everything's crunchy dry.   depressing.

YESTERDAY i printed an edition of my white necked heron, happy with that. and started the second heron print.  probably limited access to the art vault press over the next couple of weeks because printmaker heather shimmen is in residence.  looking forward to meeting her and seeing her work, it's pretty amazing.

her exhibition at the artvault, along with mandy gunn, opens on the 30th jan.

in the afternoon
 the music festival came to
 the artvault so i was
 printing and listening
 to beautiful italian 
bandoneon (squeezebox)
 and guitar, dramatic
 tangos, my favorite
accordion piece (don't 
know the name) but it's
 a musical piece that
 grace jones used to
 do with words.

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