Tuesday, 18 December 2012


MY FIRST CLASS at the art vault - a group of students from Sea Lake brought their linocuts to run through the large etching press. they had some really lovely images and we played around with a bit of chine colle, using bits of japanese papers i'd brought along. 

above - chloe, jamie, grace and niamh is the art vault back gallery

left  niamh with her  print, half 'scream' half freddie kruger - strong and edgy

MARTIN came over for dinner and put up the blinds on the verandah for me, now it looks like a breezy outdoor room, very nice.   we went for a birdspotting drive down to the lagoon, a very pretty place just down the end of cadell st.  full of waterbirds. it was that lovely time of evening when the light was soft and golden and we both got some great pics.  i just enjoyed exploring a new place close to home, walking distance.

THESE PICS are martin's from the day at hattah lakes - the beautiful parrots and the wren - and from last night at Thegoa Lagoon near my place.

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  1. Woh, the colour in the wren is stunning!
    Lovely pics Anne!


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