Wednesday, 12 December 2012


i spent yesterday afternoon, after my head had been overstuffed with watering information - on getting
out all the prints done by friends, and framing them up ready to decide where they'll go.   i've been accumulating them for years, now they'll be on display for me and my visitors to enjoy.

gorgeous prints by janet goldman, bridget farmer, mat roberts (sorry mat, can't read the signature very
well,  elizabeth barnett, kirrily hammond, katharine hattam, libby letcher, anne mcmaster

google them, they all have wonderful work

i also found my little concertina book of my family, monoprints i did taken from an old group photo,it's been wrapped up for years, time it was out on the sideboard

that's my dad in the middle and on the cover, then his sister and various cousins.  he's about the same age as i was when he died aged 48.  


  1. I love that concertina book. It'll be so nice to see all those prints up on the walls

  2. Love your prints Anne - it'll all look different again next time we come up. xx


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