Sunday, 16 December 2012


WELL IT WASN'T TO START WITH  I had a fit of the glooms this morning feeling isolated and unmotivated.  but i got of my big fat a--- and headed into mildura to buy yet more hose attachments, and dropped into the art vault to see martin.
at the end of the day we headed down to etiwanda wetlands just five minutes out of town to see the waterbirds there.  i didn't even know it existed.
but before that i visited the cemetery  looking for angels and madonnas, what a rewarding trip that was.

i think these beautiful angels will become big drawings one day - i've been
collecting angels and madonnas for a few years now.

so after an hour or so at the cemetery, martin and i headed down to the wetland to
photograph birds and for me, also water reflections.

The fabulous darter - those wings are just magnificent, like an extravagant opera coat

waiting . . .  waiting for that reed warbler

THEN - food time and martin cooked the most delicious pork roast, 
talk about crackling!  Stefano - eat your heart out

How good is this - early christmas :0)

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