Saturday, 29 December 2012


WHAA DA. . . a big morning with all the torquay buddies, coffee, xmas goodies and talk talk talk  :0)

sean, sister susan, moi, anne and den, gail, sister jen and freddie with the adorable mockie
jenny has the cutest array of xmas decos, this tiny little fella
travels round and round on a circular music box

this snowman is a little kit with a white sculpting clay, you
make your own snowman shape then decorate him with
the plastic bits,  then he slowly melts.

below - this is what he looked like half melted minus the
bits - pretty evil eh?


anne lambert's pretty
little mini puddings

we all transferred ourselves down to the front beach cafe
for a glass of wine then i had a lovely hour of having my hair cut,  lots of shampooing and massaging,   aaah, i could sit there all day

RENE and SAYAKA arrived in the afternoon - we all had a bbq tea - it's been such a great
time with family and friends today, ren and sayaka stayed the night and freddie's made me up my own little bedroom in the back of the van, complete with rug and chairs outside in case anyone drops in . . .  to the garage   :0)

my son . . . and father to be rene

sayaka, gorgeous girl, with sean     it's his birthday tomorrow

this is a page of sayaka's writing, figuring out possible baby names taking into account the sound of the word and how it translates into kanji -  japanese characters.   beautiful writing


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  1. I don't always leave a comment but I love logging in to see what you've been up to and always love your pics. The birds, the desserts, the people! x Jen K


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