Friday, 21 December 2012


I guess i just have to get used to the idea that i'll be dealing with water issues every day for as long as i live here. the whole place is all about water and heat.  
THE PUMP stopped yesterday so the previous night's automatic watering hadn't happened.
another visit from brendan to lift the pipe into the river off the riverbed where it had
settled and gathered sediment from the bottom.  

he managed to stay dry - very agile :o)


LAST NIGHT i attended an opening at stefano's gallery 25 in deakin avenue.    photographs by frank zaetta, a mildura institution who'd taken portraits of just about everyone in town in his life here as a professional photographer and larger than life character.    

Julia Zaetta, frank's daughter painted a colourful picture of her father as she described his life as photographer, migrant, family man, musician, blasphemer (in the grand italian style) and local eccentric - a very affectionate and funny opening speech

when i heard julie mention doreen civelli as a relative, i remembered that i'd met
zaettas before in melbourne with my dear friend denise civelli - turns out julia is
denise's cousin - small world

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