Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Brendan's been here finishing of the watering system, my god - i think i'll need a licence to drive it, a computerised box to contend with.   it's probably all very straightforward once i get used to it -  and it does mean i don't have to run up and down the drive (maybe 200 metres) to check the hoses, back turn on the pump then back up front again to make sure the hoses are working, lots of to-ing and fro-ing, and at least i HAVE water out there after five days without it. 
Now i just have battle with hoses that have jumped off their taps, i went out last night
to check that the timing program had kicked in,  all was well.  next time i went out the hose was loose and water was absolutely gushing down the drive.  and i didn't know how
to turn it off with the program running.   bloody hell, one thing after another.

HOWEVER, it's wednesday now and i'm off to a ladies' xmas lunch in at stefano's cafe
bakery, then a swim at the big outdoor pool.   that'll fix me up :0)

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