Friday, 21 December 2012

end of the week

look at these little fellas - the beautiful grass parrots that are here almost every day - they're the most beautiful iridescent shades of lime and turquoise on the back with a flash of orange when they fly.

 i went for an early morning walk up to the thegoa lagoon and discovered another section of water - full of egrets, spoonbills and herons. it really is lovely up there, i'm only starting to explore the area, there are great places to go in all directions.

the trees along the river are amazing -  huge beautiful old redgums

it was weird this evening - about two million corellas came and settled in the trees all around the house, every so often they'd all take off, wheel around and settle again, very alfred hitchcock.

and of course there was the daily water drama
the pressure disappeared again, hardly any water pumping out of the river, brendan came again, it was fine when he left and now, at 9.30p.m.  i've realised the automatic system hasn't come on - boy am i sick of this.   and it's nearly christmas, probably can't get anything done now so everything will dry out while i'm down south for a week.

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