Sunday, 2 December 2012


WONDERFUL cool breezes, mild days, it all seems unbelievable after the relentless hot weather and
uncomfortable nights we've been having.  but it's gorgeous.  i spent the whole morning installing more watering systems in small garden areas then we headed into mildura for lunch at stefano's brewery - lots of great beer, good food and comfy chairs looking straight out onto the street.

We had dinner at home and a birthday cake made of lamingtons (meryl's choice) strawberries and
sparklers.   but i didnt' get a photo of the cake cos the camera battery inconveniently died!  and the
sparklers burned down so fast the first one was finished while i was trying to light the third one - what's the world coming to??   sparklers ain't what they used to be

here's old stumpy - one of at least four stumpytails that are living here,  usually nestled somewhere deep in the garden but on really hot days they roam around outside the house,  lovely creatures

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