Monday, 24 December 2012


WHAT A RELIEF  it's cool here in the grampians after a hot hot night. left home
yesterday with next door's hoses thumbing their noses at me, me with a broken pump.
i'm glad to leave it all behind for a week.

loaded up the esky with ice, yabbies and fresh fruit for xmas and drove non stop to helen and don's.  sadly the heat beat my esky, and the yabbies are going to be turfed out, hope there are some prawns left at the supermarket today.

i'm having trouble uploading photos on this computer, will try later


  1. Hi Anne,
    good luck with all your water problems!! The pics are fantastic. Enjoy your Christmas and thanks for all your great work so far on our project. I'm hoping the package arrives today.
    janeen x

  2. haven't you got it yet?? i sent it days ago, registered mail


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