Thursday, 13 December 2012


I'd love to know how to change that incorrect automatic date that pops up at the beginning of each blog.

it was hot hot hot - it's an interesting thing to be here on the river, surrounded by 1.5 acres, under a big wide roof looking way up and down the murray.

after living for 11 years in a small apartment on the second floor, apartments on three
sides and above and below, virtually insulated from the weather - looking at the weather was just a spectator sport,  amazing skies and storms passed by as though they were being seen on a big screen.

but here the weather is very much around me,  the heat beats down on the roof and  permeates the house and this afternoon as a wind change took place the whole sky and river became a brownish dull colour, the wind whipped through the trees just outside, leaves and bark blowing against the house making a wild whistling noise - and a mess!  (that exclamation mark is just for you doug mcleod  :0).

it's passed now and without a drop of rain sad to say, down south it's raining - i know.
now the river has turned a lovely dark silver as twilight settles in.

pics from today
these are the first magpies i've seen at the birdbath, one very young one

dust coming up the river, i still can't get used to being on the nsw side, it feels like being upside down - i always expect the weather to be coming from the opposite direction

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