Sunday, 16 December 2012


sigh, i think i have to remove the date altogether - previous post is actually saturday.

TODAY IS SUNDAY and it's been good - a very early start and a drive into mildura at 6.30 to meet martin at the art vault, then a drive out to hattah lakes, about 40 minutes away through great australian landscape and terrific cool overcast weather with a really fresh breeze, so refreshing after the heat and humidity of the last few
days. it's great to be driven for a change - so good to actually hang out the window and really see everything. great skies on the way in

Martin   was on the hunt for birds,  camera perched on his lap.  i was happy to look at everything and it was great to be out in the landscape with my sketchbook and camera.

it was a perfect opportunity  to really look at what grows naturally here, the wonderful colours of the saltbush and other things that i've yet to identify.  off to the native plant nursery with a few contraband souvenirs.

my bird photos are a bit sad and the battery died late morning, but i'm looking forward
to see martin's shots, we saw some fabulously colourful parrots, simply luminous.

this is a lookout at a place called waperol?  something with a 'w'  :0|     fantastic 360 deg views

What a nice day, i'm home now and it's after three, i was going to spend the rest of the day installing hose fittings, but bugger it - i think i'll just lie down and familiarise myself with Inspector Rebus, i'm starting from early in the series and reading them all, if i like'em.   love the tv series with john hannah

look at this gorgeous thing -
i've never seen a flowering
gum this colour, it was literally
glowing pink,  a big
spreading tree near
hattah lake

SO EXCITING - we drove down to the lake and walked down to photograph these beautiful young trees growing along the shoreline, to discover about 100 pelicans in the middle of the lake beyond.   highlight of the morning 

crazy shot - what's happening on the left there?

Now i'm waiting to see martin's bird pics, he took heaps so i'll post some when
he's sorted them out.

When i arrived home i couldn't help but be impressed by
my humungous bougainvillea, thank god it's growing in 
a place where i don't have to trim it

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