Monday, 10 December 2012


yes, i'm still waiting for the watering system to be done, two days in a row brendan's hit buried pipes and has had to repair them, so since before the weekend the garden hasn't been watered - everything's SO dry!  distressing

but the artvault's xmas drinks were on at the brewery in the evening so i joined them all and had a fun night.  martin got a game going -   'exquisite corpse',  everyone had to draw a section of a person on a concertina folded piece of paper, result below

tiggy showing us all the
finished and decidedly
exquisite corpse

here it is

xmas crew

the drive home - a gorgeous balmy night after a pretty hot day


  1. wow what a blog :0) testing testing

  2. Love your solar lights, the sunset and especially your exquisite corpse!

  3. we are really enjoying your pics of the river Anne, what a backyard !


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