Friday, 14 December 2012


WELL  today's been a day of water - first brendan arriving to run through with me the thousand questions i had written in my little black book about the system he's installed,  things happening like hoses popping off the taps in the middle of the night and flooding the driveway,  big punctures appearing in hoses,  sprinklers still being on in the morning when they should've turned off
automatically  -   all things that had me so strung out this morning i was distracted while having
a much need swim at 7 a.m. -  thank god that pool is open early, only 3 mornings a week tho.  anyway
brendan had answers to everything so we'll see how things develop.  
here he is -  and that's the company -  early days yet but the system's in place so hopefully everything'll be greening up soon without too many more hiccups

SO NOW i'm suddenly becoming acquainted with such things as connectors, nut and tails, turf valves and keys, turbo keys, W10's, you name it . . .   hose fittings and connectors ad infinitum :0)

FIRST DROPS  this afternoon as i was doing the nine letter word, the rain's continued into the evening, it smells lovely

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