Wednesday, 2 October 2013


i'm getting tireder and tireder - printmaking really uses the brain but you don't realise how much energy you're using till you stop and drop.   i've got trial prints everywhere, nothing amazing but it's all feeding into future work on the book.  i'm looking forward to seeing how the collaborative project works out, three separate plates printed one over the other.
the anns dropped in today to get the lowdown on my place, they'll be housesitting for a week from sunday.  they love the murray so they'll be the perfect houseguests.  their dogs will love it too.
did this print of a version of the dying swan today, it's a strange image that isn't working but the plate is terrific, printing beautifully dark. i can use it again and again for other images.

ann and ann, it's great to know they'll be camped at the murray/darling junction for a week
in my workspace- better pin up some work and fill up that notice board :-O

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